Rome city break, bellissimo!!

If you have never been to Rome then why not???  It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful city that I have ever visited.  Two extremely hot days, with fabulous weather spent exploring Rome and everything she had to offer.

The people were just as beautiful, the weather was scorching, the food was amazing be it a back street bar or a restaurant on the main tourist strip.

We visited the Vatican City which although extremely busy was a must see (not too many photos included as don’t want to spoil it!)  simply spectacular .  The Trevi Fountain both by day and night was impressive.

The Spanish Steps led to the Pincio Terrace which offered breath taking views across Rome and we were rewarded with the most stunning sunset I have ever seen.

Dinner was had opposite the Colosseum, again another beautiful sight, made more sensational with the sun going down.

This is only my first trip to Rome and I will go back again.  These photos are just a few of the thousand or more that I took.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Lake walk

This beautiful Comma butterfly was taken at Anton Lakes, it followed me around and then sat and posed for me!

and…….finally after a very long wait the Coot babies have arrived.  I have taken many trips to the lake watching her on the nest and today I was rewarded by seeing three little ones, scruffy and very noisy out on the lake.  A little difficult to photograph as they like to keep in the long reeds but I managed a few shots.


A wildlife walk and a dip for the dogs

Two wonderful hours spent at our very favourite place, our local nature reserve.  A cool down for the Cockers was required as temperatures soared into the high 20’s.  They are old girls and love nothing better than being in the water.

As always there was plenty of wildlife to see, including a batch of new ducklings (I’ll snap those next time!).  The new Swan that arrived last week still isn’t our best friend but it’s early days, he WILL grow to like us or at least humour us….

I hope you enjoy some of the highlights of our walk, I certainly enjoyed taking them.